How do I snap this object to this line?

Trying to snap the extruded object to the end of the polyline so that the vertices marked with red dots align… nothing seems to work!

vertices.3dm (139.8 KB)

Seems to work fine here - what did you try?

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Everything, or so I thought… what’s the secret?

I thought ctrl-shift-selecting the extrusion & dragging by the control point to the polyline end would work, but it doesn’t.

Well, let’s see - there’s the command _Move to start with.

Otherwise, with “End” object snaps active, click on the hex object once to select it, then left click and hold for an instant near the vertex of the hexagon that you want to pull to the end of the polyline until the “End” osnap tip lights up on screen, then continuing to hold the left mouse button down, drag it over until it snaps to the end of the polyline and the “End” osnap lights up again, and then let go of the mouse button.

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Yup - got it. I didn’t know the holding-down-the-mouse-button trick & thought I’d done it before with CTRL-Shift-select to be able to grab vertices.