How do I set VertexColors for a Mesh?

When I create a rhino3dm.Mesh() and check its VertexColors it is an empty list. How do I set VertexColors for a Mesh? There is a lack of documentation for this class on your ReadTheDoc.

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Hi @deluca,

What Rhino3dm are you using (e.g. .NET, Python, or JavaScript)?


– Dale


Here are the 2 pages you need:

does that help?

I’m using Rhino3dm v0.11.0 for Python 2.7.


Hi @deluca,

The MeshVertexColorList object, returned by Mesh.VertexColors, provides access to an existing mesh that may have vertex colors. There are no provisions for adding your own colors to a new mesh. I’ve created an issue to address this.

– Dale

I just published rhino3dm 0.12.0 to This version contains functions for adding and setting vertex colors. I have not updated the docs yet

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