How do I set text to wrap in V6


I might be missing the obvious, but I cannot find how to set a text to wrap.


If you’re talking about annotation text and trying to flow it around something curved, that’s not possible.

If you use a Text Object (curves, surfaces, or solids), then they are geometry and can be edited like other non-annotation geometry.

If you mean a string of annotation text, then after it is created, select it and drag the control point on the right end to cause the text to drop to a new line.

I mean line wrapping of a text object, I see how that was not clear in my post.

There was in V5 a checkbox to set linewrap. I don’t find how to do linewraping on a text object in V6


Right. In V6, you can’t pre-define the box the text will stay in.
It happens after the text is created.

How do I define the size of that box? I see no box around the text.

Hi Willem - turn on points for the text - move the right hand one around and you’ll see the wrap.


ahhh right…That was not obvious to me.
Maybe set text to have an indication of that box by default when in edit mode?

Hi Willem - I think the idea was that text and annotations would (and do still, by default) have their grips turned on on selection, making the situation more obvious… but many, like me, maybe you? have turned that aspect of the UI off - so maybe we do need another kind of hint.


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