How do I scale the layout of my workspace/plane/grid?

When I open a new file, I get to choose whether I want to work in centimeters, millimeters, inches…and so on.

But the issue is, when the new workfile is opened, the scale’s weird.
I like to work in millimeters, but I realised that one scale in any of the x y z direction, amounts to 10millimeters=1cm.
So the tiniest square in the grid, is 10mm x 10mm while I want it to be 1mm x 1mm

All Rhino does is “express” a length in millimeters but the grid scale is still in cm
i.e. the scale is too big.

I need one step/scale of the grid to be 1mm and not 10mm.
But when I check my units, it’s definitely in millimeters.

I don’t know how to resolve this.
What exactly do i do?

Hello - you can set the grid to any size in DocumentProperties > Grid page; there are major and minor grid lines, you get to set the minor spacing explicitly and the majors as some multiple. Note grid snap spacing does not automatically follow the grid you set - you need to set that yourself. I would do all of this in a new file and then save it as a template (SaveAsTemplate) so you can just do it once.