How do I save vray RT viewport

When i render in the viewport with vray rt, can i save that viewport image?

I’d like to know the answer to this one too. I recently used RT in a viewport, tried to capture the view but it was blank. I ended up reverting to the RT Frame Buffer. Hopefully somebody will have an answer.

we must pray to the gods

By any chance do you know how to soften a light in vray, without moving it back? I want to soften the edges

@Shawn I can confirm it doesn’t work. I am not aware of anything we can do on our end to fix. We might be able to come with another work around, but it would have to be only for 3.0.

@dale For the V-Ray RT in viewport display we are using a DisplayPipeline with ShowFrameBuffer(CDC*) is there anyway we can allow support for ViewCaptureToFile with this DisplayPipeline?

Ok thanks. I have another question, how do i use the VFB A/B options to compare renders?

@Shawn, see my reply to your post here.


@jeff, can you help here?

@matt_newberg Since ViewCaptureToXXX can capture sizes larger than the physical viewport (i.e. Width, Height, Scale command parameters), It does not use the DrawFrameBuffer:ShowFrameBuffer mechanism…Rather, it uses the DrawToDib interface, which renders a series of view tiles and stitches them together into a final, single DIB.

Supporting ViewCaptureToXXX means you must also support the command line parameters, so if you override DrawToDib, realize that it might also require a complete re-render of what the user is currently looking at, and not just a simple copy-to-buffer operation. And since RT won’t be instant, you’ll also need to manage how that’s going to work while the user waits for a larger rendering to “complete” before it’s actually captured.

@Shawn If all you want is a WYSIWYG capture, then just use the ScreenCaptureToXXX equivalents.



Thank you Jeff, it does appear ScreenCaptureToFile does work with V-Ray For Rhino RT viewport.

Yes, ScreenCaptureToFile does work. Previously I’d been using ViewCaptureToFile, which doesn’t work. Good to know - thanks fro the tip.

when you screen capture does it go tintype vfb, or straight to a file?

Straight to a file, in my case I saved it as a JPEG. It seems to work well, the only downside being you get all of the window interface features in the capture (window border, view title etc.). Not a big issue, it can be corrected in Photoshop, but it would be good if ViewCaptureToFile worked.

Hey guys,

Just to give you a heads up on the topic of saving the rt render.

It looks like it is possible. Here is what I did:

1 choose Vray rt as your viewing mode
2 the choose wireframe or any other view as your viewing mode

Thats it! From now on when you render it will always render in rt mode. so you can do a region render or a regular render and it will render in rt mode, and you can save from the vfb!

To render regularly with the pc, just go to the vray options and go down to the rt tad and disable vrya rt by unchecking the box next to it.