How do I save/print 1/4 scale plans from curves in real dimensions I created?

If anyone knows, I’d really appreciate it.
Thank you.

Hi Izabela,
I am sorry for the delay.
In general:

  1. You scale the dimensions up by the inverse of the amount you scale them at plot time.
    There is a dimension scale setting in Settings -> Dimension Style. This will be the same for text in the next public version.
  2. You scale the model down in Print to fit on the sheet of paper.

You mentioned you wanted to scale the model at print time by 1/4 or .25. Then you would scale the dimension (and test soon) up for 4. If you use imperial units, you would scale the model by 1/4"=1’ or 1/48 at print time. Then you would scale the dimensions (and text soon) up by 48.

I hope you see the pattern here. It is really easier that it sounds and if you use another CAD package, it may already be familiar.

I am planing to get you all details about this when I get a new build of MacRhino that fixes the Settings dialog problem on Mavericks (10.9.5.) detailed here 5A745 - Settings
But I am waiting on this fix now.

Mary Fugier

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