How do I round off a sharp edge

Hi all.

New user here and having a hard time on this piece.

Need to round the edges a little for 3d printing.

Can’t find the right button.

Didn’t make this in Rhino. Not even sure if I can work with it in Rhino. But the program I used (K3D surf) doesn’t offer any way to round off the sharp edge.

long torus tube.3dm (268.5 KB)

Hmm- not easy- what comes to mind is-

Weld the mesh at say 15 degrees so that only the edge is unwelded. Run SelNakedMeshEdgePt to select the vertices along the edge. Use Smooth a few times, and, possibly, SelConnected to expand the selection by a point or two as well. You’ll need to experiment with the Smooth settings, I imagine, if this is going to help at all.


Thanks Pascal!

found the weld mesh buttons but can’t find the SelNakedMeshEdgePt.

Tried help but it says look under the “stl” tools in the tool bar…

Can’t find that one either…

I am not very good at this… Can you tell?!?

If you know the command name you can type it directly into the command line; no need to search for a button among the many hundreds of buttons of rhino.

Okay, take out the damn period at the end of the line and it works much better!

Still not what I am looking for but I will play with this some more…

Thanks guys!