How do i rotate blocks to form a curvature?

Hello i´m very new to grasshopper and was hoping to find some help on how to model this kind of facade. It has bricks that rotate individually on their own axis and create this lookalike organic form.

the search function will reveal a ton of options – this is a common student exercise, don’t forget the old forum as well.

This one is probably a good place to start

this page doesn’t deal with rotation of the bricks, but will teach you a lot

Thanks is it possible to use the anchor points to rotate depending on the distance the base geometry has towards the anchor points?

thank you so much!! but i was thinking more of an anchor points solution in order to edit the shape it creates instead of an image sampler.

I don’t see how it wouldn’t be possible :smiley:

other method here:

Thanks that´s exactly what i was looking for!! although i have a little trouble understanding this diagram. How do the parameters on the left connect to the ones on the right??

They are hidden ((( symbol on the left side of components.


You got this :muscle:

Were you able to this? Can you please share the script!!