How do I repair these 3 naked edges?

Hello everyone,

Pretty new and have learned reading and watching tutorials since my last post.
I have a question if anyone please has a minute to please explain how I can repair naked edges that are so small.

I repaired this mesh up until the question of these naked edges. I don’t know how to repair them because they are so small. I read that “join edge” would probably be good to use for when you have very small naked edges where your geometry is good and you don’t need to change much?

I don’t know how to fix this at all. My goal is for the mesh to be manifold for 3d printing or exportin to Zbrush. So it has to be a nice STL.

Thank youpimmys channel ring with naked edges.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hello - all I see in the file is a bunch of meshes…


@richardpowell.powell in the other thread I mentioned that I never use system fonts to create engraving. This file is the reason why.

The curves you start with from system fonts from my experience will usually have issues and cause problems further on. My guess is that your problems started right at the beginning when you extruded the text curves.

You need to go back and either clean up the curves you extruded or just create you own nice and clean curves that will give you clean geometry. I find creating my own is quicker.

Fixing this is a waste of time from my past experience. I have been there done this.

You can see with the show edges command that many of your naked and non manifold edge problems are along your text outlines.

BTW it looks like you exploded it for some reason. When I joined it up I got a lot more than 3 naked edges.

OK, thank you.

I was hoping this font made less problems than the other but I see that is never going to be true.

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No problems. As I said I like to create my own curves…saves time in the long run.

If you want to clean up the curves from the system fonts then the main problems I found to look for were overlaps and parts that did not close. Others will be able to give you commands that will help you to find these issues. Post another thread about checking and cleaning up the curves if that is the way you want to go.

Did you not try the heightfield method that @Helvetosaur did the sample for you in the other thread? Looks like it will give you a better result and faster than this. Were you planning to smooth the edges of this in z-brush once it is a mesh?

You could try making the lettering with Zsurf using the “Text” feature:
It will make good quality lettering from any system font (2.0 MB)

Or you could do it all with vanilla rhino, this took 4 minutes (i wasn’t rushing) for 1 letter so 10 would take about 40 minutes. test_2.3dm (505.2 KB)