How do I remove Highlighted Segment from both the Circles?

Hello all
I have attached an image of grasshopper command for connecting two circles. I wanted to trim the highlighted region marked in other image, I tried with cull peel, trim with region but unable to get desired result

I want to get this feature by using above commands

You can create a circle than trim it than create a line between the end of the first circle and start of the second circle.
Finally join the first circle with the line and use linear array in Z axis

I had done the process which you said above using Rhino, But now Iam trying to do this using only grasshopper total control of design should be done by grasshopper for eg: multiple sections and I don’t want to do this manually like cut then, add another circle. I had joined those two circles using shift list in grasshopper but now I need to trim the portion which is highlighted, Is there any way to do this? (7.6 KB)

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Thanks a lot for giving solution, Being beginer iam not getting what sub curve command performs can you please explain? (8.1 KB)

Or more simple like the idea of @HS_Kim with connect curves

If you try to change the Construct Domain input, you’ll know.(the curve input of Sub Crvwas reparameterized.)