How do I put a tiling image on a Surface?

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to put a simple tiling wallpaper image on a surface. I’m familiar with materials, and I see you can do an image as a material - great, but there’s no option for the image to tile repeatedly. I can’t seem to see any other material option that would let me tile a .jpg… this must be a pretty common thing to do, what am I missing?

You can create a new image material, apply it to the surface, select the surface, go to the properties, go to ‘texture’, and change the repeat:

Thanks René, this worked - but only on the entire object and not on a face of an object. If I selected the face only of the object, the texture menu isn’t available. But it’s all good, I made it work.

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you’d need to make a material specifically for that face and a copy of that material for the rest of the object. adjust the tiling as needed for each part.