How do I open this panel

Having just watched this video and also one or more by Brian James I see this panel (circled in red). I have never had a display such as this and would love it if I knew how to make it a reality.

I am posting this on the Brazil forum and also on the Rhino forum in hopes that someone can give me an answer.

Thank you in advance

All my best … Danny

Try materialEditor on the command line.

I have no problem opening these one at a time in this image the material editor environment editor texture pallet sun and Brazil settings are all in the same window which makes for easy access rather than having them all open in separate windows.

Also I have never had the large side window showing the material when clicked on all I get is the row of materials.

To get them in the same window, open each of the ones you want, then grab its tab and drag it onto one of the others.

To get the material preview on the side, right click in an empty space in the material preview pane, at the bottom of the list you should see Thumbnails -> where you can choose large, and to get them on the side, right click again in an empty space in the material preview pane and choose horizontal layout, arrange them by list, then select Show preview Pane to get it to look like what Brian has.

Thank you very much it worked perfect … If you weren’t a guy I’d give you a kiss … I owe you lunch.

All my best … Danny