How do I modify my grid to spread out vertically but also condense horizontally?

Hi there! I’m trying to build a pattern I made in Adobe Illustrator on Grasshopper and I’m stumped on how I could separate the hexagons vertically but also condense all the columns horizontally to have them still be connected and not “floating”.

(also I copy-pasted what was only needed to keep the gh file cleaner but for some reason on rhino it looks red, is it a visual error?)

ai (11.7 KB)

thanks in advanced :slightly_smiling_face:

At first I used two sliders to set the ‘N’ (Step) inputs of the two Series components, then lazily derived a “Magic Number” ratio used to replace one of the sliders. (20.3 KB) (DEPRECATED) (20.5 KB)

P.S. My “lazily derived a Magic Number” was accurate to three decimal places but here’s the real number, updated in version ‘b’ above:


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