How do I make this mini heat sync in grasshopper?

What about creating the squared spiral walls in Rhino? I didn’t find a tool in Rhino to draw such a sketch


Please pay attention to its accurate dimensions.

Thank you in advance

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Thank you, sir

So I should wait for a solution with grasshopper

I would be surprised if someone did the work for you, but I would think if you shared what work you have done on this project in Grasshopper, you will get lots of assistance.

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I have worked with grasshopper less and don’t know how to create the spiral sketch with the required sizes.
If a senior user draws one of the walls, then I will do the rest of the work myself.

Based on the title of the topic, it seemed like you want to learn how to do this.

If what you really want is to hire someone to help with this project, that’s possible too.
The “Jobs and Portfolio” category is intended for that.

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did you make some search on Discourse ? It seems you missed some links

I am on a freelancing web. Somebody offered that heat separator (probably for an IC) to be redesigned with SolidWorks or similar software. As for I was looking for a job like a shark patrolling for a fish (sadly an unlucky shark!) I thought to create that with Rhino for examination (before sending any message to the person), but I failed to sketch the spiral shape, so I had to appeal to the users here.

Sadly the requester pays a little money for the work that is not enough that I refer to the jobs thread here unless I increase the fee from my wallet that is vacant at present.

Well, maybe someone will find this interesting and give it a go for fun, but it sounds like what you’re really after here is project support for free, and don’t really have any desire to learn to do this modeling yourself.

That’s fine, just not what your topic title implied.

Be well.

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Dear master

I really am eager to learn grasshopper but on the other hand need for an income forces me to spend some of my time on the freelancing web, though my effort was not fruitful anymore.

I also am working with Blender recently to learn that partially for some jobs on that web.

That caused I have to leave learning grasshopper for a while. I download every grasshopper file that is useful for me, but in recent weeks that I am learning Blender, I inevitably interrupt learning grasshopper temporarily. These are some .gh files that I collected in the past months to work with gradually:

Hi, Laurent Delrieu

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

The second post was the same I needed. Of course, I have to resize that to be according to the project dimensions. I Have to work on the components experimentally so that I can achieve the same size.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

I could make the part with the help of Laurent, but I had to manipulate the file until achieve the same shape and size

After that, I offered the employer confidently, I can do the project, but she responded:

Thank you for your time. I apologize to you. I delivered the project to the freelancer who sent a message before you. I hope we collaborate on other works in the future.

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welcome to hell, bro :heart:

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I have had many similar experiences. Probably I have been addicted to losing such opportunities

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