How do i make the points to the edge of the box

Hi i have recently started using grasshopper and i am wondering how do i set a box boundary so that the outer surface would be a cube spiral shape instead of just a curve spiral shape

You can use Split Brep to cut one shape with another like this: (12.7 KB)

sorry I’m completely new to this, is it possible for you to explain it in a simpler way? :confused:

helix (13.7 KB)

One way to make a surface meeting a particular boundary is to make a bigger surface than needed, then cut away the outside like a cookie cutter.
In the definition above the SrfGrid component creates the larger surface, then the ‘Split’ component cuts this with the Box. This results in 3 pieces and the ‘Item’ component selects the inside one.

Got it! Thank you so much for the assistance!