How do I make the pattern equal? Please help!

Hi guys, I have made the loft from grasshopper so that it is only one surface but for some reason, the edges where the surface changes direction, the patterns become weird and seems to be disconnected from the rest as seen in the picture.

I hope you guys can help me. I have been stressing out on this since this is for my undergrad thesis. If i do this wrong I wont be able to graduate please help. Thank you in advance

NEW FORM 1.3dm (3.7 MB)
new model (15.0 KB)

Does your school not offer an official license?

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I am sorry but no :frowning: I do apologize if that would be an issue here. I come from a not so wealthy family with a dream of being an architect someday. If this would be an issue I apologize again in advance and I will just delete my post. Thank you

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