How do I isolate and move edges of multiple geometries

Hi all,
I’ve only been using GH for about a week, so I apologize for the super noob question, but I honestly can’t figure this out. I want to be able to put in the overall dims of a cabinet, the material thickness and number of shelves and then have it create all of my parts for the CNC. (Eventually I want to lay them out, make 2D and nest, but first thing’s first.) I figured out how to explode and extrude and even create the shelves, but now I want to do some solid difference operations. But before I do that, I want to move the edges of the top, bottom and shelves, so that the boolean operation creates dados in my back and side walls. In rhino, I would select their edges with sub-object select and then move them, but how do I accomplish this in GH? Or is there a better way? Thanks for any help and insight you can provide. (18.0 KB)

Can you please post a readable screen shot of your GH code so I can replace these bits missing in R5?


How do I do that? I am completely new to this.

Thank you. The first issue I saw is highlighted in this purple group below. You have six faces on the box (DeBrep ‘F’ output) and eight vertices (DeBrep ‘V’ output). By using them this way, you get eight extrusions. There are three copies of the top.


Next, looking at the SDiff, it’s working perfectly, though maybe not what you expected? As you have arranged the pieces, the right, left, top, bottom and all shelves are trimmed off by the front “Face”. Not a dado and not the best way to get that result in my opinion. You could have created them at the correct size in the first place.

Same with the shelves. To create dados in the side pieces, they need to be a little shorter, right? Why not create them as “boxes” of the correct size? For example: (white group) (19.4 KB)

I have to bail on this one. There are many ways to create any given model, some are much more complicated than others. Find the easy way.

Thank you Joseph. I will look into this