How do I install modules where Rhino mac python can see them?

Hey there!

I’m okay with python, and pretty into Rhino, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how I go about installing modules so that the python that works with Rhino can see them. I’ve got pip for my system python, and it looks like things like chiplotle are installed, but when I try to access them from within rhino scripts, I get no module installed errors.



I’m having the same problem and can’t find the solution. I know that Rhino is working off of a different python library than the one installed in my OSX.

Would love to know if you resolved this.

This may work:

pip install --target=/Applications/ yourpackagenamehere


Your modules have to be compatible with IronPython 2.7.5.

If you’re using the Atom editor and Rhino is Listening you can configure the path by typing ctr+option+s.

Hi Alain,

Just to be sure, Atom is only working in the Mac-side right?
Are you aware of any other IDE’s other than the inbuild editor for Rhino for Windows?


Hi Willem,

Yes, currently Rhino only listens to Atom on the mac side. If you search this forum you’ll see that some have been using PyCharm or PyDev with varying degrees of success but none of those options are officially supported.


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