How do I install Hoopsnake on Rhino 7?

It’s hard to say. One of the reasons for the package manager is to make installation easier. I would ask @MateuszZwierzycki to publish his gha to the package manager

His code is six years old and has always worked. Sounds like something broke? Works for me, though I installed it when using R6.

It sounds like an install problem if the gha is working in your v7. That’s why I was suggesting getting it on the package manager.

I see a message in the screenshot about attempting to load from a network location. Is this directory in a network location?

@stevebaer The directory is local, I have my license installed using serial keys, not my login online, if that may have something to do with it.

Looking at that screenshot again, I see anemone in the grasshopper tabs. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the problem because it looks like this gha is installed



Are you trying to drop the file on Rhino? It looks like everything is working fine in Grasshopper

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@stevebaer … how observant. My problem is now solved, cant believe I didn’t see it. Thanks!

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WHAT??? :man_facepalming: OMG.

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You lost me :thinking: how did you solve it?

Hi Francesco -

You might want to state your issue clearly. You replied to a Hoopsnake issue and the thread turned into a Anemone issue after that…

From what I can tell, the reported error had nothing to do with installing Anemone, which worked fine. @stevebaer noticed ‘Anemone’ in the Component Tabs in this image, after ‘Kangaroo2’:

This error message was apparently due to something else entirely, I’m not sure what? Because for me, drag/dropping a GH file into Rhino opens the GH file correctly. Would be nice to know what caused the error but @mikaelmihranian (and I) should have noticed that Anemone was installed.

P.S. Oh! I see now, he tried to drop the anemone1.gha file into Rhino. :man_facepalming:


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Hello Wim, yes of course, but have been following the topic from the start as I had the same issue as the original author. Hoopsnake is not available for Rhino7, and supposedly Anemone is a better version of the same however some people manage and some dont get it workign in Rhino7.

@Joseph_Oster Yes I believe that was an error from dropping the gha file directly into rhino.

@mikaelmihranian I now see what @stevebaer saw, however it does not show in my grasshopper tabs. I have both dropped it into GH and placed it in the libraries folder and unblocked it. What else did you do?

Its position in the Component Tabs is not guaranteed.

Did you restart Rhino? There is nothing else to do. In Grasshopper, did you use ‘File | Special Folders | Components Folder’ to locate the correct folder on your machine?

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Hi joseph, thanks for your continued help, thats exatly where I placed it, yet GH still doesnt show tab.

Double-click on the GH canvas and type the word “fast”. You should see these Anemone components, Fast Loop Start and Fast Loop End? If you do, Anemone is installed. If you don’t, I just don’t know what more to say. Windows or Mac? If Windows, did you unlock the file?


No “fast” components show. Yes windows, and unlocked. Thanks anyway!

Do you have any other ghas in this directory and if so do they work?

All the other ones work properly.

Do any error messages get written to the Rhino command line when you first start grasshopper?