How do I get two subdivided curves to match up?

I’ve got two curves that I’ve subdivided, and I would like to draw lines to go from points on one curve to the other. The curves have an equal number of subdivisions, but no matter what I do, the lines don’t appear correctly. I’ve tried shifting one of the subdivision lists, but to no avail. What am I doing wrong?

Here’s a screenshot of my setup.

Bit hard to tell without the files, but it looks as though your curves are going in opposite directions. One is clockwise, the other anti-clockwise. What you could do in this case is use the Flip Curve component with one of the curves to be flipped, and the other as the guide. That will ensure they have the same orientation.

However you may still have a problem if the seams are not aligned. With [Shift] you can remedy this somewhat, but it requires manual intervention and you can only shift the set of points up or down a whole point.

If you upload the 3dm containing the source curves and the gh file, I can give you a more useful answer.

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Hi David, thanks so much for your quick reply. Flipping the curve indeed solved the problem. Thanks!