How do I get my pythonmodule work like the GH-Circle

Hello everybody.

does anybod know how I get my pythonmodule work like the GH-circle.

Solitaerschiene (12.9 KB)

I need it, that I can use the plane-entry act like the circle plane- entry, but I don’t know how to manage this.

many thx

Is this what you are trying to accomplish?

Solitaerschiene (12.9 KB)


It is so great to get back to work in the morning and find out that someone has solved your problem.

Thank you so much!

hi,… me again…

I tried to use your work to adopt another curve-module with it but I get an error that I do not understand.
maybe you could help me again?

what is my mistake here?

Solitaer 4 (15.7 KB)

If run your script from the editor and look at the error message, it points to line 9 in the script:

Line 9 is missing the second value for the u,v parameter.
This part should have 2 values, but there is only one: ( comfort + thickness)


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you are so right!

thx again!

Is working now