How do I follow a line with a shape?

When I tried to flow this shape, funny things happened; I think I’m doing it wrong. The problem is that I need these spikes curved out and I usually flow straight things.
What I need to do is literally follow the bottom of that shape to the circle so it closes on the other end. Hope that makes sense? It will be like a crown in the end.
Thank you for your help.

My circle is 5" in diameter. I made the shape 16" long, which is longer than needed. There is still a gap. So I made the circle even smaller… the gap continues to appear no matter how small I make the circle (which I extruded of course.)
What is happening?

you have to measure the _lenght of the circle and use it as base line for the flow command

I don’t seem to have that problem. Did you select the “stretch” option?
I created a line somewhere on the bottom of the object, depending on how you want the bottom to straddle the circle, then used Flow to wrap it around the circle, with “stretch” selected. No need to match the lengths of the base line and the circle exactly, but of course the lengths of your base line and your object should be an exact match if you want the ends to meet. Are you sure that is the case?:


Edit: you don’t have to create a base line up front, when you click the “Line” option you get to select a start and an end point for a base line, so you can simply pick the start and end of the edge you want to follow the circle.

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Well, that fixed that problem and now I know what that “Line” option is for.
Thank you!

Problem #2. I’m hoping you happen to know how to deal with this one as well:)
Same thing… a crown… except this time the cylinder spreads out.
I cut it into 4 pieces and used one of the pieces to create into the crown. (top)
Now, I would like to flow that along one of the 4 cylinder pieces and copy it 3 more times so that it creates a crown.
The issue:
I can’t use “Line” like you suggested because the bottom of that piece is not a straight line this time. Would you know how to tackle this one? Thank you.

This is totally faked, but it explains how it needs to look and what that 1/4 of the cylinder looks like as well.