How do I find parametric coordinates of vertex/edge

In Rhino, is there a way of finding the parametric coordinates of a vertex?
And/or can I get parametric coordinates along an edge?

Hi Jonas,

Can you elaborate on what you exactly need and in what workflow for what purpose?

As I interpret your question, you want to know the UV parameters of a surface (not the 3D point) at a given 3D-point on the edge of that surface.
Is that correct?

In what way do you want this retrieve this information? Are you looking for a way to manually evaluate this for each point, or are you interested in automating this?
Are you already scripting and is this an addition to an existing script/code?

So some more specific and circumstantial info is needed to give a directed answer.


Hi Willem
I want to determine if a point in uv space is inside of trimming curves. So yes, as you interpreted I want to get the UV parameters of a point on a curve or a vertex in a face…

Hi Jonas- in Rhino itself, EvaluateUVPt will help for surfaces. But it sounds like maybe you want to do more with this info than see it printed out on the command line- you may need a script.


Thanks Pascal, I have search around for that function in opennurbs for rhino and I realize that’s a difference in functionality between Rhino tools and opennurbs tools…