How do I find center line for a letter that I chose as a curve

Please let me know! Thanks, Susan

@Susan_Hughes Can you provide a .3dm file with one or more example letters?

What do you mean by “center line”? The vertical or horizontal center of the bounding box? If so you can use BoundingBox with Output=Curves. Turn on the Mid Osnap if it is not already on. Draw a vertical or horizontal line using the Mid Osnaps as the beginning and end of the line. Delete the bounding box unless needed for further work.

i just guess that you are trying to find the center between the boundaries, if so i have the feeling that i saw somebody posting a script or grasshopper definition finding this through an iterative process… but adhoc i can suggest to use pipe for letter with an inside and outside boarder for instance in this case of the b, which is a bit broken in my case, use a radius which goes over the center and intersect them.

you can also extrude the boarders in 45 degrees for instance till they intersect. or create several lines with option perpendicular to 2 curves and connect the midpoints manually… its not an easy straight forward task and depends a lot on the letter and of course if the font style permits finding a center.

for c explode and loft the boundaries then extract the isocurve. for s you have to use sweep2 and add slashes with snaps option perpendicular then again extract isocurve…

Hi David–I’ve included a screenshot. I chose the Text tool and then did the option for curves for output. Hope this helps!