How do I extract from Rhino7 an image of a tall, skinny detailed object?

For example a totem pole, or a Corinthian column.

For a compact mechanical object, like a watch escapement, I would probably set up a full page Perspective view, center the object, Zoom in – and then capture a screen grab image. I would then crop the image, save it as a jpg, and distribute it to a remote customer or fellow enthusiast. I have been capturing images with screen grabs since Rhino 4. But I find the techique does not work for tall, skinny, detailed objects.

Let’s use the totem pole example. Say there is an eagle on top, then a bear’s face, then a symbol, then a gopher, etc. If you set the pole up in the Perspective view, centering on the eagle’s eye, you get an excellent and highly resolved image of the eagle, but rest of the totem pole extends down beyond the lower limit of your monitor’s screen, out of sight. The unseen lower pole exists in the brain of Rhino3D, but it is not displayed.

Zoom out. Zoom out so far that the entire totem pole become visible, framed in the perspective window. Here is the image we hope to grab – but the fine detail has been lost to view. It exists in the object, but a screen grab cannot capture it.

What we want to achieve is a fully resolved, fully detailed image of whole pole, top to bottom.

I am guessing that Rhino3D has a direct print-to-file command for a selected object that would conserve the tall, skinny object’s high resolution and fine detail from top to bottom. Is there a command like this available?

Thank you for your insights. Michael

No, there’s no such thing. The “print to file” stuff is just some 1980s-legacy feature no one uses.

You can specify the resolution and aspect ratio you want in the viewcapture dialog. Or if it’s something that can be turned into a line drawing you can Make2D and export a PDF or something.