How do i debug this error, failed for unknown reason


Computation of your model failed for an unknown reason.
How do I debug the above error?

This could be caused by a number of reasons that our servers could not catch. You could try to upload again in case this was due to a temporary server failure. Otherwise, the best practice is to proceed by elimination and create a minimal version of the file until you can identify what could potentially cause the error. If you are able to send me the definition (by private message if needed), I am happy to have a look.

Hi Mathieu,

Please find the file attached.

It has been uploaded before and worked, we just modified the pricing structure and now I cant upload via the old or new platform

We also amended the parameter control grouping so that it presents properly with the new interface.

SHAPEDIVER gazebo panel generator Feb 22, (4.84 MB)

We have recently made changes to our worker algorithms that seem to sometimes cause upload errors, we are investigating the issue. However, this is typically solved by trying to upload again in our experience. This temporary issue should be resolved soon.