How do I create this?

Hello, can someone help me please, I want to create this type of shape, with tampered walls. The designer describe it as: The wall is tapered from 3mm down to a cutting edge of 0.4mm.

I want to be able to create any shape with the same idea of a tampered walls and a 3mm down to a cutting edge of 0.4mm. Please can someone help me, thanks! :grinning:

Hello - one way:

  • Draw the outer base shape.
  • Offset the shape inward by 3 and again by 1.5 (mid curve)
  • Move the mid curve to the height of the part.
  • Offset this curve inward and outward by .2
  • Delete the mid curve at the top, leaving you with four curves.
  • Select the upper and lower outer curves and Loft, using the Refit option
  • Repeat with the inner pair
  • Select all four curves and run PlanarSrf - this will create the end caps.
  • Join all the surfaces into a closed object.

tapered.3dm (252.3 KB)

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Hello Pascal, thanks very much for your help :slight_smile: I will try and see if I can follow the steps.