How do I create this pot

There are two options:

I only checked the first option.

The plugins that I’ve mentioned have nothing to do with that sort of option (trial?). You might find the wrong place.

Or try to run “PackageManager” command in rhino.

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There are a lot of very useful plugins available that are free, some can be installed with the _PackageManager command and some you need to download and manually install.

Paneling tools is distributed by McNeel, is free, and can be installed with the _PackageManager command. It takes a bit of time to learn, but it is quite powerful and flexible.

From the Paneling Tools page on Food4Rhino:

I’ve modified the file I posted above. It now can create solid printable vases/bowls in 6 variations.

There are 3 different types of outer surfaces, and 2 types of inner surfaces.

Outward pointing:

Inward pointing:

The 2 above patterns combined:

Interior Smooth:

Interior follows outside countours: (99.9 KB)

It takes a few seconds for each to generate (approx 3-5 sec. on my computer).



Some old link

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Hello, master

That is an appropriate method working with mesh, but I have not used mesh yet. I am trying to find a geometrical solution in Nurbs or probably in grasshopper. After a series of efforts, I eventually could create the vase in Nurbs with some differences, though I don’t think the differences ( the unwanted distances between the parts) are negligible.

However, I have not found an opportunely to examine the mesh techniques because I’m spending all my time finding a solution; whether in Nurbs or grasshopper (with the help of the experts here).

Two masters could redesign the vase masterly with grasshopper, but I don’t have access to the particular components to exercise.

Generally, I think the best way for designing things like the vase intact is grasshopper, as I saw the sample works of the masters.

Nevertheless, using mesh can be another alternative. After these stages, I will work with mesh through grasshopper as you offered by the example. I will examine that soon.

Thank you so much, sir :slight_smile:

Hi, Hs_kim

NGon was among the free plugins and I saw it in the list but I didn’t know you offered me to download it for such designings. Just now the Food4Rhino is open on my system. I’m going to download and install that

Thank you a bunch :slight_smile:

They are technical and professional. I usually watch artistic or technical things deeply and thoughtfully. Your works are perfect and without any failure, especially the variety of different geometrical patterns on them. I think designing them was not difficult for you based on your knowledge and experiences and you made them in a short time, nevertheless, they are admirable.
I found out the three vases were one design based on a particular method you did, but you just made some changes in parameters, and thus the patterns were changed, right?

Nonetheless, they are praiseworthy. Seeing these methodical objects is very useful for me and teaches me new things.

Thank you for your graceful help. I downloaded all the files you teachers put here to review them in a relaxing time carefully (of course, if the files are opened in my incomplete grasshopper. I examined one, but nothing appeared in the viewports).


Hi, HS_Kim

Ngon is for Rhino 6, does it work in R7?

Yes, NGon works with Rhino V7

From Food4Rhino:

Easiest way to install is to run _PackageManager command from Rhino, select NGon and click “Install”.


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Paneling tools and Ngon are tempting me to install them!
I inevitably accept this risk and am going to install the plugins.

My computer is old, and I am worried the heavy online applications like those plugins break down my Rhino! I hope this adding on has nothing to do with my Rhino on the old system.

No worries, if your computer runs Rhino 7 without problems then adding these plug-ins shouldn’t be a problem (perhaps a bit slow if your computer is old). You can remove them if you have difficulties or don’t find them useful.

I made a few changes to the GH file I posted above. Simplified and cleaned up the code a bit and replaced solid boolean operations with split / join operations (slightly faster). (99.4 KB)

I also made 2 more of the pots from the photos you posted: (62.6 KB)

One of the nice things about using Paneling Tools - if you have a working definition, you can just change the panels to get a different design.

Also curious what’s up with the photos you’ve posted - clicking them opens up the site (some sort of file hosting site). Most of the photos I’ve seen posted here open up a larger version when you click them.


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Excellent and artful works, senior

Despite the low resolution of the pictures, you designed the same objects without any difference.

They can not be created with Nurbs or mesh except with troubles and wasting a long time. As I said before, only grasshopper, scripting, and coding are appropriate for such the shapes (of course, by an expert).

I sincerely admire your talent, proficiency, and works :slight_smile:

I guess those vases have been designed with grasshopper and coding as well, and then were printed or manufactured.

Despite my intense eagerness, I couldn’t install those plugins due to crashing! I don’t repeat the mistake.

Sometimes, Ignoring favorite applications is better than seeing the computer is smoking!

Thank you very much for your mercy :slight_smile:

I’m going to examine the simplified file to see does it work in my gh?

The files I uploaded will not work without Paneling Tools.


You are right, three components were relative to Paneling tools and nothing could be replaced with them, though I tried to manipulate the program awkwardly!

Any chance you could make the second from the right? I am looking everywhere for a file on it’s design

why not trying to replicate it yourself ? There is a main shape that is polar arrayed. 16 triangles!!

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unfortunately i have no experience or means for 3d design so i’m on the consumer route