How do i create such a model?


(I am a newbie in 3d modeling and am very excited to learn Rhino).

Have a look at the Rhino level 1 training pdf. You’ll find explanations on how to draw things like these from a technical drawing.

Just a couple of directions to follow:

The center "spindle) can be made as a 2D profile and revolved. You only need to make 1/4 of it, say the top left, then mirror that across the centerline, join the two and revolve to make the full object. The axle is just a cylinder; you can BooleanDifference it from the revolved spindle to create the through hole.

The uprights are basically 3 flat profiles, the base “triangle”, the upright “trapezoid” and the circle. They can be extruded to the different depths as per the drawing and then the 3 solid objects can be BooleanUnioned. Lastly you can add the fillets.

You can start by modeling the profiles flat on the Front (spindle) and Right (upright) views, then move the finished pieces into place.

The above is a very condensed résumé of how to do this, there are a number of procedures to learn and understand, plus some pitfalls to avoid…

Welcome @aibek.men3344,

Here’s a short video tutorial that you can download from Dropbox:

The only thing I’ve forgotten to record, is how to import your plans as references.
You can do this by simply using the Picture command and placing each image into the appropriate view.
After that, you define two reference points for each image: one at the start of a known linear dimension and one at the end. You then copy and move the start point by the appropriate, known distance. Simply scale the image in two dimensions with the start point as first corner, the end point as second corner, and the moved point as reference point.
Repeat the process for the other reference image, and your setup to start modelling!

Wow, thanks a lot, you’re an absolute legend!