How do I create free-flowing vertical blades?


I’m not a very advanced user (and haven’t learned Grasshopper yet), but I’m trying to create a series of vertical blades like I have sketched (attached). In plan view, the blades rotate in a free-flowing way, with a couple perpendicular sections to fit in equipment (tall fridge, coffee machine etc.).

I tried to do this with an array curve but I’m a little stuck. Any ideas on how to do this?

Thank you

Hello - this really does seem like a Grasshopper trick.


Or, if this is a one-off and not an instance of a repetitive activity, why not just draw, scale, move and rotate the blades individually to get what you want? There aren’t too many of them in your sketch…


I could try that. Was hoping there was an elegant Rhino solution

In this case, that would require Grasshopper