How do I create curved lines on a curved surface?

Hello everyone! I’m working on a project and I would like to do similar shapes on a window as the one on the picture. Is there an easier way to create the detailed curves on the windows? I know I can use the pipe command after to extrude it, but since the shape of my windows are curved, the lines are going to different axis.

are you talking about the voronoi pattern?

Maybe a slow tedious way would be to project curves and split the windows with those curves. —-Mark

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a) InterpCrvOnSrf the desired curves on the surface.

b) Create a plane. Project the window outline onto the plane. Create the desired curves on the plane. Project the curves onto the surface.

c) Unroll, Squish or Smash the surface. Create the desired curves on the unrolled/squished/smashed surface. FlowAlongSrf the curves onto the surface.

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Yes, however I wanted it to be more of a leaf shape structure instead of voronoi. That’s why I was trying to make it using curves but it was tough.