How do I create a new project in Rhino without having to close my current open project?

So its a small issue that has really been bothering me. If I click File-New, it asks me if I want to save my current project. What if I just want to keep it open and open a new project? Rhino for Mac will just open a new one while keeping the current one open.


Hello - just open another session of Rhino… you can have as many as your system can stand running.


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How? File-New? That doesn’t work without closing the currently open. Maybe Im missing something simple

Hello - what I mean is, just start Rhino again, from the desktop icon or Windows Start menu.


I typically operate with 3-4 instances of Rhino going at once :slight_smile:


I´d say [cmd]-N // File > New

That works … (Even in Fullscreen)

But I don´t get it what´s wrong on @akashi1 ´s side …

FWIW, I read the original post as being a question of how to do this on Windows and changed the category accordingly. Apparently, @siemen understood the OP differently and changed it to Mac. I dunno…

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Oops. My bad. I read it now again and it seems like I misunderstood. You were correct. Apologies.

Thanks guys! I got it now

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`* Mob of Kangaroos (source: am Aussie)

Great find though!

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As am I. I noticed that as well so looked it up and according to the “Book of Knowledge” there are three acceptable terms. Some of the other animals groups fascinate me.