How do I create a 2View macro button or script?

Hi All. I mostly work with 2 x views split horizontally across the middle of the screen.
eg. Perspective view in the top viewport and top view in the bottom viewport.
Rhino has commands for 3view and 4view layout but nothing for 2view?
I’ve already setup my startup viewport layout as a 2view default by creating a default blank 2view file and referencing it for startup.
I do however often change one of the viewport aspect ratios to 16x9 etc. for rendering view setup and then have to manually drag the viewport window back into position every time.
Is there a way to script or macro a 2View (Horizontal mid split) button?

I suppose a workaround for this is to always create a new floating viewport for my render view setups but was hoping for a way to switch back and forth using the viewports already present - _(Rhino v5) Michael_VS

Add1: I have now added a macro on a button with the following as a workaround:
_-NewFloatingViewport Projection=Active Enter
_-ViewportProperties Size 1280 720 Enter

A possible solution to the 2View command would still be appreciated.

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Could you create a template file with your viewport layout, store it somewhere specific and then recall the layout using a button or alias with a macro something like this?

_ReadViewportsFromFile "full_path_to_file"

You could have several view templates stored with different filenames that you could recall with buttons or aliases…


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