How do I convert z-y to y-x

I am (very) new to Rhino and have a boat model with the frame moulds shown in the z-y (right) view. My 2D plotter will only plot the y-x curves.
How can I convert the z-y elevation frame shapes to y-x?

With all 4 views displayed, run the RemapCPlane command.
Select all the objects you can see in the Right viewport, and Enter to finish selection.
When prompted to “Click on CPlane to map to”, click a point in the Top viewport.

Any luck?

Another method is to use the Rotate command.

Thanks John, I think this is going to work. Lots of elements to select, but good so far:)

You can use different select methods, and SelAll is one of them. SelCrv is another.
And then run the remap command on all of them together.