How do I choose the camera and view setting for the layout sheet window?

How do I choose the camera and view setting for the layout window?

In Sketchup and other programs, I can set the camera to whatever I want in the Layout sheet window.

This is a very powerful feature and I can update the model and the Layout window stays current.

Please advise!



Is it the view of a detail that you want to set?
If so, activate the detail and then set the view just like you would in the model environment.

no, I do not understand how I can set the views for the viewports. I would like to see an axon and the elevations.

How do you activate it?

For instance all of these come from the same model…

The help file says that you enable them by double-clicking them.

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  1. Double-click in the center of the viewport to edit.
  2. edit the view as wanted. Lock it if applicable.
  3. Double-click in the center to end editing the viewport.
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Thank you!!!

Next question–how do I associate a layer set with a viewport window? It is not obvious.

Do you mean a detail?

To manage the visibility of layers or geometry in detail views, you can use the commands HideLayersInDetail and ShowLayersInDetail or set the light-bulb in the layout columns of the layer panel when a specific detail is selected.

Wim, I am sure that it is what you mean to say, but the specific detail should be enabled, i.e. double clicked. Otherwise the inspector panel will show the layers of the Layout Page ( which you can use to add text and other stuff like borders etc.)
By the way, the layout detail layers panel in Mac differs from Windows, it appears as a separate inspector panel:



It is good to realise that the Layout Detail itself, i.e. not the view that it contains, is also positioned on a layer. When you click on it’s border, you can check the layer it is on by opening the options panel:

I find it best to reserve a layer specifically for one or more layer details, to have independent control of those. Layout details can overlap each other, I sometimes have a large detail as background picture, overlaid with smaller details, making it difficult to pick one of those to enable. Controlling layer visibility can make that easier. A layer detail is an object like any other, be it a special one, so it has properties which can be inspected by clicking on it’s border. You can also hide individual layout details by selecting those and Hide.