How do I change the curvature of a predetermined curve?

I have a curve with a set length, that I have arrayed a geometry on. I used the “array curve” component to array the geometry along the curve, but I would like to be able change the curvature of the curve in real time, while still maintaining my predetermined length of the curve to see the arrayed geometry on different curvatures. Dream scenario would being able to change the curvature of the predetermined curve with something like a slider to gradually see the differences. How do I go about this?
Picture for reference (6.3 KB)

I’m not sure how you control the curvature but maybe this is something of help?
In this script you can change the control points of the curve, which would flex along but the down stream components make sure the array only happens for the portion with a specified length. Shortfall is that the curve must be longer than the fixed length…