How do I cancel an account for this forum?

I need to cancel my account I don’t see a way to do that in preferences.

Wow, Roland I hope nothing offensive happened here.

I can deactivate your account which would require you to reactivate with an email -or- I can suspend your account which means you can’t log in anymore. Of course, you could also just stop posting to or reading this forum.

Please let me know what you would like.

Hi Steve,
Nothing like that, the people here are polite and extremely helpful. I opened a new account but then I saw I could change my password on my old account which I did, I want to stop using the google id which we needed when the forum began.
If you can could you remove my newly created account it’s 3dsynergy and was created last night. I’m sticking with the 4dsynergy account since I found out I could switch to a new user password instead of using the google id stuff.
Thanks for your fast reply,

BTW, we added an option to “Anonymize” accounts if you ever need it, its in admin / user at the bottom.

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