How do I bend and object?

Working on my self assigned exercise, a staircase with a straight section and curved section. I’m applying the stair bracket detail and need to know how to bend the bracket to the curve of the stair. Can I bend the solid object? Should I bend the original surface/curves and offset? What is the best, fastest method. This stair has 3 different sized bracket, two of which need to be bent.

Check out the Transform → Flow along surface command.[quote=“CalypsoArt, post:1, topic:35798”]
Can I bend the solid object?

Yes, but it will take a little experimentation.

Hi Calypso art - there are a few ways to get there - assuming the bend is circular in plan, I’d use Flow:

  1. Make an arc in the CPlane that corresponds exactly to the amount of arc the detail will ‘occupy’ in plan - looks like maybe 5 degrees or so.
  2. Select a straight bracket, and start Flow >Line option (or make a line ahead of time). Se the line in plan to the end points that correspond to the corners, in plan that will lie on the arc. Make sure Project is on on the Osnaps.
  3. Choose the arc as the target curve. Copy=Yes.

If all goes well you should have an accurately bent version of your detail, which you can then place on each stair as needed.
Post your file if this is unclear, and I’ll see if I can make you an example or clip.


Thanks Pascal. I got it to work.