How do I assign keyboard macros for commands now?

In V7 I was able to set up my menus by finding the desired command icons and dragging them into the setup dialogue box. If I’ve now to actually find and enter the correct macro in the keyboard options then It would be nice to have a searchable list of all the commands to quickly find whatever I’m after.

Hello - since the possible macros are basically infinite in number… I could see making the existing macro list available here however - it is still an extensive list but that might be do-able and useful.

RH-80667 Keyboard access to macro library

Meantime, you can copy/paste a macro from a button (Shift-RMB to edit)

Top is

'_SetView _World _Top


Thanks Pascal.

I think the submission you made is great. I understand the number of possible macros is stupendous, but I’m only talking about the fundamental sets. Using the application is an individual affair. People that design are by nature disinclined to standardization. Any and all means to allow customization of the interface should be a principle of its design and improvement. That’s obviously not been the case in this somewhat controversial release of V8.

I tried to find the macro from a button but I don’t think I understand what you meant. When I shift RMB on a button I get an editing box with nothing in it.

What am I missing?

Nothing. this is a bug. Just move the mouse around or click once in the editor window that looks blank and the macro will magically appear…

Oh Jeez!