How Do I Add a Linear Dimension Measuring the Height of a Solid?

This is a bushing. In the Front or Right view, how to I add a dimension detailing the heights?

I can get the diameter dimensions working fine, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to snap to the relevant bounding edges of the solid.

This file is for V8 but I don’t think the question is specific to 8.

redemption-bushing.3dm (114.5 KB)

Hi Nathan -

I’m possibly not understanding the question…
The End, Mid, and/or Quad snaps seem to work for this?


No, I wasn’t understanding the visual feedback of End snap. When I’m hovering near the left edge of the part in the Front view, I get white dots popping up on the right edge of the part.

Because it’s a flat surface in those dimensions, it seems to be giving me the correct result now that I know what I’m supposed to be responding to.

I’ll have to play around with some more complicated solids to understand how that works better.


Turn off SmartTracking…

Thanks, I haven’t used, or I guess in this case not used, that feature before.