How do I add a fillet to this?

I want to add a fillet to this but it gives me the message “Can’t append that edge”. It is circular ribbing that twists. Previously I was able to do it by doing blend edge instead of fillet edge but I’m not sure what to do now with that error…

errorfile2.3dm (17.8 MB)

It is much easier to solve a problem when a .3dm file with the geometry is provided. You can drag the file to where you type a post, or click on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post.

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Oh I didn’t realize I could upload that, it’s there now

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What edges are you attempting to fillet? The edges of the teeth? What radius fillet?

Hello - If you do not need the edges to be exactly filleted but only want the edges killed for display or rendering, try ApplyEdgeSoftening at a small radius.

I would use FilletSrf at maybe .2 radiuson just one repeat of the pattern and then array those all the way around - I think it will give cleaner results in the long run, but you’ll need to trim the surfaces in ‘by hand’.

Do this much, trim the reds with the fillet edges and then ArrayPolar these to recreate the gear…

It will all work better, by the way, if you tighten the file tolerance to .0001 in DocumentProperties > Units page.

FilletEdge is having trouble with this set of edges.


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Pascal is right about ArrayPolar. I would go farther - I would make narrow solid block with only one filleted tooth before running the ArrayPolar command.