How do i 3d print this model

hi! im working on this project and i need to 3d print this model now thw thing is if i convert this file into stl the whole thing gets disrupts, what should i do need a way out.
complete.3dm (275.4 KB) (373.5 KB)


Is your Rhino file empty? If so, you don’t need to post that.

A shoe bottom:

this is the shoe model if i close grasshopper the model disappears and only the white sole that you showed remains what i need to get 3d printed is this one so what should i do?

The Rhino file appears to be empty. No hidden geometry or layers. There are some internalized curves (hexagons) in the GH file. I don’t know what you should do. And I don’t have (or want) that plugin.

P.S. Looks similar to this thread:

oh thats alright, thanks anyways

yes it is mine

So it is. That makes this one a DUPLICATE THREAD.

Did you bake the geometry into rhino?
right click the geometry in GH that you want and select “bake”
In rhino, select this geometry and select “Export as” and choose STL for 3d printing