How create a simulated surface from points and values?

Dear Rhino / GH community

I simulated a surface in cadna and wanted to reconstruct the result of simulation in grasshopper.
Hier the example:

I have in GH the coordinates list of each point of the simulated raster with the list of the relative values,
but I have doubts about how to recreate the Simulation with a Gradient Color, without having the original Surface.

Can someone with some experience kindly help me?
Attached the file with the 2 lists.
Coordinates& (43.0 KB)

Thanks in advance

You have not internalised the coordinates.

Thanks mr Jakinta,

I replaced the attached file.

Please, check attached. I am not sure if it is correct…

Coordinates& (53.4 KB)

Mr Jakinta,

thank you for your precious time and for having been so fast.

The script works great!!
I am very grateful

Greetings from Munich

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