How change A C point for NetworkSrf

Hi guys,

I’m new in Rhinoceros 5 for mac. Well I wish know if is possibile change the A C intersection point in a NetworkSrf. Let’s see my capture screen. I need ot move the A C point to the end of arrow. Well I need this becouse when I’ll make a smash of this surface i need an explosed planar figure like this (from a youtube video tutorial):

While my surface is diffent

Anybody can help me please?


If the result is one single closed surface and you want to move the seam point somewhere else, use the _SrfSeam command… HTH, --Mitch

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Hi Helvetosaur well I’ve try the _SrfSeam to move the seam point when I need it.

But the smash surface is the same.

so why?

Hi, on your last screenshot, it doesn’t seem you have effectively moved the surface seam… can you posta 3DM file?

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Hi guys I got it… I was wrong move the seam point to top of the ring and not at the bottom… Now It works!


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