How change A C point for NetworkSrf



Hi guys,

I’m new in Rhinoceros 5 for mac. Well I wish know if is possibile change the A C intersection point in a NetworkSrf. Let’s see my capture screen.

I need ot move the A C point to the end of arrow. Well I need this becouse when I’ll make a smash of this surface i need an explosed planar figure like this (from a youtube video tutorial):

While my surface is diffent

Anybody can help me please?



If the result is one single closed surface and you want to move the seam point somewhere else, use the _SrfSeam command… HTH, --Mitch


Hi Helvetosaur well I’ve try the _SrfSeam to move the seam point when I need it.

But the smash surface is the same.

so why?

(Rodrigo Bárcena) #4

Hi, on your last screenshot, it doesn’t seem you have effectively moved the surface seam… can you posta 3DM file?


Hi guys I got it… I was wrong move the seam point to top of the ring and not at the bottom… Now It works!