How can you move singular faces from a cube?

basically I want to do something like this in grasshopper

so I can later on use a bool function to make like a forniture

I could import both cubes into grasshopper, but that does not play well,because I want that the distance between each cube to be parametrical, so I can play with the (wood) table thickness

I tried to make a cube, then copy and pasting it, then using a translate node, now the problem is that I don’t ectly know how to select and translate those faces
more inside

Install that free plugin: Pufferfish | Food4Rhino
and use SHELL. Select one face which should be drilled (by ID) and set the thickness value. (4.7 KB)

I’m not sure how to do it with pure Rhino. Maybe someone will show you how to do it without installing the external plugin?.