How can you create a surface from lines that cross each other?

I have the centers of the roads, I want to create a surface that includes all the roads together.
The way you did it is offset two on the sides, I connected them and then found all the borders of the shape.
Is there a faster way? It takes a lot of resources from me as you can see. 19% of the speed of the whole project

If your curves are planar, one way to get this done is by creating a pipe on every curve and then a section with the XY plane. (5.3 KB)

sorry but no

What no?

Please post your file. It is impossible to help you based on a screenshot.

secondary (25.8 KB)
Thank you very much!! I really appreciate it! My goal is for it to be fast, because it could be thousands of such curves.

Your solution works. What is the problem?

The problem is that it is very slow. There are some curves here but it could be thousands of curves and then it takes a lot of time.

Have you tried Clipper? It is very fast but converts your curves into polylines.

This thing

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Thank you
Polyline can be a problem, but it’s better for me. I’ll try to change it back after offset
Appreciate it very much