How can you add a new number to a panel list?

so, you have a nice nice model with distinctive params via sliders and you would like to keep them as possible parameters for later. There’s lots of them, so this would be always handy as a menu list to choose from later.

–(add slider1 value as new item)–(panel list with lines with numbers )
(list length to panel)–(slider menu of range length)–(list item from panel list above) – ((model))…

i would like to add the slider value to a panel list as a new line… which later you can select as a list item. Much easier than double click panel and add a new number typing + ok…

Is there a way to do this with pure GH? The probably obvious ph script comes to mind, or linking to a file to a panel - im just trying to get away from coding or copy/pasting (my daily nightmares at work - GH is my geek sanctuary :roll_eyes:).

Thanks in advance.

Use the merge component and internalise data. It allows you to overwrite and delete old data as well as add more data. Although it will then change the index when you delete an entry.