How can we simplify and to have any hole?

I try to do not have hole but when I do the filet it create a hole in the surface. How can I do to close them?

thanks in advanceview.3dm (256.9 KB)

Hi Nicolas,

Run the command _Cap and then _MergeAllFaces. You’ll have to rebuild the outer curved face though. DupEdge _Join the curves and then _Sweep2 and _Join the model back together.


hello Andy,

I can’t make what you write…
Could you please explain?
thanks a lot

If you use _ShowEdges it will highlight where the errors are.

_Cap will close the gaps on the side:



I’m using a PC but the commands will be the same. You may want to try starting with clean planar geometry - the extrusions are not planer with the other part:


Please, I try to do what you have write but I can’t do… It is horrible, tree days and I can’t do this…
Please help me to understand

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problem.3dm (159.1 KB)

I went back to the file that you posted here:

In the attached you will find one way of doing this step-by-step.
fillet edge-wd.3dm (780.9 KB)

Morning Nicolas,

Have a look at this video:

I was keeping the other comments limited to commands as I’m using Rhino for PC. I worked with the WIP version of Mac Rhino the other year but I don’t have my MacBook Pro anymore so can only show you on the PC version.

If the icons look different just concentrate on the command line text and what I wrote before.

Work on the CPlane for 2D stuff, get into the habit of using the Project command and check the control points on your curves before you model stuff, especially if it’s curves extracted from a 3D model.

Make sure you factor in bend allowances if/when you flatten the pattern:

I hope that helps.


a very big big thank you…
Your video is great thanks :slight_smile: