How can union theses all ? have automatically done with smartpattern

please someone pro help me this

@cliffonde i have seen you several times here, you are not a total noob, posting a mere image of something of that kind will not help others in helping you. nobody knows what you did, how the geometry actually looks like, its a ring… nice thats it? if you need help, then pls provide as much material as possible. meaning post your f*** file :wink:

other than that i have never heard of smartpatterns, if you are using some plugin or rhino gold or whatever then pls also refer to this. its kind of lame to let others do all your thinking either and let them pull all the info out of your nose…

I just post it for quick, because i am at outside, no time typed others than main point i want to ask, hehehe I am using rhinogold, with jali command, what is other better way or trick to union this, thanks

that link gave me a 404


You can’t. The intersection geometry is not clean enough and as the pieces are individual - and there are so many of them - reworking it all by hand would take a prohibitively long time.

It isn’t just your model: these three way curvy pipe type intersections are always problematic. My view is that this is a result of the assumption that an intersection is a line when it is often, as here a mixture of line and area (i.e. the intersection of two coplanar partial surfaces is actually the area of their coincidence). Unfortunately Rhino appears to say “if I can’t find a single line there’s no intersection here”.

Sorry, not to be more helpful. But does it really matter if you cannot union the pieces?


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thanks for this explain, i think someone experienced pro ever done with this dynamic pattern or jali command in rhinogold can share his trick tips to get union more quick and efficiently than union piece by piece
I’d like to know if someone kindly share it experiences done with this jali or dynamic pattern command, just only by looking on my rough typical example trademark by jali (or dynamic pattern) pic should already know without 3dm be shared first hehehe

I am very appreciated and excited to know if you kindness can share , please thanks to understand me hehee :slight_smile:

yes, and thanks its already done it tough, :slight_smile: