How can this be done?


For example like this:

  1. loft two curves
  2. extract the wireframe of that input BRep
  3. Fatten the curves
  4. Subdivide

Requires fattener.gha which you’ll find here: Skeleton fattener + mesh cage morph

Weaverbird can be downloaded automatically through Grasshopper or here: Weaverbird – Topological Mesh Editor | Giulio Piacentino (16.9 KB)

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if i import a mesh

Welcome @aassdd,

You could use wbFrame (Weaverbird’s Picture Frame) to create the openings and wbThicken (Weaverbird’s Mesh Thicken) to give the mesh a thickness.
Smoothing can then be done with wbCatmullClark (Weaverbird’s Catmull-Clark Subdivision), like in Martin’s example above.

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do you have a tutorial to show that

Sure, here you go! (7.9 KB)

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thank you so much

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